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Besakih tour package is made for those who love the culture and to see the always smiling and humble people and magnificent views of Bali island
By joining this tour program you will discover the most popular places in the Island of Bali. A large number of temples in Bali are considered iconic of tourism the island. One of most famous temples is the Besakih, mother of all temples in the Island of the Gods. Why is Besakih a must-see place? Find out the answer here. 
Everywhere in Indonesia, there is a house of worship where religious activities of the local people are centered. These houses of worship are generally also made a tourist destination in the area. Aceh, for instance, has declared the Baiturrahman Great Mosque - an old mosque that had sturdily withstood the 2004 tsunami - a tourist destination in the province, which is also called the Verandah of Mecca. Jakarta has the Istiqlal Mosque and the Cathedral Church where visitors can admire the beauty of the architecture of the two houses of worship, which were built in proximity to each other. However, these houses of worship are located in the center of the city, for easy public access. In this Besakih tour package, we also visit other places such as Tohpati village, Batuan village, Elephant cave, Klungkung Palace and Bukit Jambul.

Places of interest will be being visited during Bali Besakih Tour:

Tohpati: in this area, you will see people how to make Batik and visit the gallery shop to put the results of weaving. Batik is a fabric the production of which illustrated in particular by writing or night on the cloth, then the processing is done in a way that uniqueness.

Batuan: It is one of the traditional village in Bali that most of the people are the painter. 

Elephant cave: An Ancient Hindu-Buddhist hermitage. Elephant Cave Temple is an archaeological attractions monastery of the Buddhist monk and Shivite priest.

Klungkung: Old capital of Bali province, old court justice, and floating pavilion

Bukit Jambul: The beautiful rice field view from the hill.

If you find other interesting places, please ask the driver to stop a while.

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